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About DAKINE ties

DAKINE ties were first painted when I realized it was one of the ways a man wearing a suit could express himself. So my first tie I hand sewed and painted,I use jaquard textile paint,then heatset at a very high temperature to cure the paint. Until recently I had only been creating a dozen ties each year. Each tie is hand painted on 100% silk.
Neal Barbosa - artist

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Artist Profile

The artist, Neal Barbosa, has been working in the Sonoma County area of California for several years. He began creating textile artwork as a form of self-expression.

DAKINE ties have become so popular with Neal's friends and associates that he decided to offer them to the public. What started as a hobby is now a business. DAKINE ties are always special because they are individually created and hand painted by the artist.

Fun Facts about DAKINE ties

Neal puts a lot of effort into making his ties. He sometimes puts more of himself into his ties than people realize at first glance. Only two DAKINE ties to date include images of Neal's own ear!

DAKINE had it's television premier on San Francisco's channel 4 in an interview with Steve Ashton by Jan Wahl. Steve Ashton was promoting the Wine Country Film Festival 2000.